Personal Commission Options


Pencil Drawing

Headshot - $50

Full body - $100


These can be mailed to you if requested, shipping costs will apply.

Digital Sketch

Headshot - $20

Full body - $40


Digital Shaded Sketch

Headshot - $40

Full body - $80

Line art

Headshot - $30

Full body - $60


Flat Color

Headshot - $40

Full body - $80

Untitled_Artwork 11.png


Headshot - $50

Full body - $100


Colored + Shaded

Headshot - $60

Full body - $120

  • Simple colored background optional


Commissions are currently Open

What I will draw:

  • Animals

  • Creatures/Monsters

  • Humans

  • Mechs

  • Gore

  • Nudity

Please Note:

I am currently limiting some of the options for commissions and may not be offering drawing styles you see on my website (such as painted illustrations). This is due to time constraints, as Iā€™m currently in graduate school!

These prices are solely for personal commissions, such as drawings of original characters. The artwork is not to be used for commercial purposes. Commercial and freelance work prices and policies will differ, so please email me about any interest with those regards.

I accept PayPal and require payment upfront.

Send me an email at for further questions and commission requests.

If possible, please provide references of the character(s) I will be drawing!