The Legend of the Beginning

Legends tell of a time when six godly beasts created Illusao, each giving life and form to the natural world. These massive beasts moved the ground with their own hands and molded the land. The Beast of the Caves burrowed underground and created a complex system of tunnels. The Beast of the Grasses made rolling green hills and flowing rivers. The Beast of the Peaks made the land rise to become tall mountains. The Beast of the Poles brought a vast snowy tundra. The Beast of the Trees planted a huge forest. The Beast of the Trenches created cliffs that dropped into the sea and split open the ocean floor. After working together to make Illusao, these godly beasts then descended back far below the surface of the land to rest again.

This ‘Legend of the Beginning’ is believed to be true by some. Those individuals are referred to as Followers of the Beasts. With their belief in the godly beasts, they pray to them in churches across the seven regions. They believe all land and all life on Illusao is sacred because the godly beasts made it what it is.  There are just as many people, if not more, that do not believe in the godly beasts. Instead, these people believe that Illusao and its beasts became what they are over time. They do not think there was any divine part taken in Illusao’s creation, rather everything is as it is because of nature’s own way. They see the Legend of the Beginning as something that people created long ago to explain their own curiosities about nature.

The Great War

Some people tell a legend of a Great War said to have happened hundreds of years ago in Illusao. It speaks of several large factions that fought each other for control over the entirety of Illusao. One faction came out on top and banished all of the others, forcing them to leave the continent and venture elsewhere in the world, into the Unknown. The first Leader then rose from this winning faction to rule over all of Illusao.

While this story has been told and passed down, there is no definitive evidence that this Great War actually happened. It seems that if there was physical documentation of it, it has been destroyed for an unknown reason. This has become a subject of debate among Illusao’s citizens. There are some that devote their life to try to find some sort of lost evidence of the Great War, as they truly believe it cannot simply be a made up legend. There are others who dismiss it due to the lack of solid evidence.


The Uprising and the Regions

Before modern times, the entire span of Illusao was under the control of a single ruler known as the Leader. His home was the main capital, which was located near the center of the land. This capital was referred to as the most beautiful location in all of Illusao. It was home to ancient castles in which the Leader lived, which set it apart from the architectural styles of the rest of Illusao. The Leader was the name for the person in a line of royal succession who was the oldest and most suitable for such a title. The last Leader to exist was vocal about the fact that he wanted to keep all of Illusao united as one. He sent soldiers and dignitaries across the land to keep everything in order, something that had not been done previously. A rebel group began to rise up after this, claiming that it was time for Illusao’s diverse set of people to have their own independence. The Leader addressed them by saying that Illusao was meant to stay the way it is because it has worked for generations and nothing has gone wrong. He refused to look into any sort of independence for the rebel group. As the rebels became more and more vocal about their ideas, other people began to agree that it was time for things to change. Different groups had different reasons, however. Some claimed that the Leader’s family should no longer rule Illusao, that it was time for a new family to take over. Others claimed that Illusao should not have one supreme leader, but rather leaders for separate parts of the land. Eventually there were several large societies wanting their own independence and territory. Many of these groups turned violent and began to riot against the Leader. Multiple attempts to assassinate the Leader and raids into the Capital occurred. Many of the Leader’s soldiers and dignitaries who had been sent out across the land were murdered. Illusao was beginning to go into a civil war.

Shortly before this time, the discovery of a naturally occurring element known as ener was made. Ener was mined from underground and taken from rock formations. People began experimenting with it and altering it, which helped them learn what the various types of ener could do. Production of crude technology that used ener as a power source was occurring in the industrial port towns. This technology included weapons, such as guns, and simple machinery. After discovering what ener could do, society was advancing at an incredible rate. However, not all of the new advancements and knowledge were positive. As the strike against the Leader began, an extreme rebel group started to gather large amounts of yellow ener, an extremely hazardous form. By altering it, they created a dangerous bomb that was secretly sent into the Capital. One individual carried this bomb and sacrificed himself in order to set it off. The blast created not only killed this rebel instantly, but it also killed the Leader and every other person that was in the Capital that day. It destroyed the city itself and all of the land around it, leaving a toxic wasteland where the landscape was once beautiful. Most people within this wide radius of the bomb were also killed, and those on the outskirts were left suffering side effects of the toxic ener.

After this successful assassination of the Leader and the vast destruction of a large part of Illusao, a mysterious group showed up and journeyed to every city across the land. They claimed to be called the Council and hid their appearance with long cloaks and masks. No one was quite sure where the Council had been hiding away, but they said that they had been watching long before the current Leader had been put into rule. They claimed to be the true leaders of Illusao. The Council was struck with horror by the massive destruction that had occurred and grew angry with the people who had been rioting against the Leader. They left behind people known as Watchers in each city and town across Illusao. These Watchers confiscated any ener and technology that ener helped create, particularly weaponry. They raided the homes of people to ensure that nothing could be hidden from them. From then on it was decreed that the mining, keeping, alteration, and use of any type of ener was outlawed. In turn, this led to machinery being illegal as well, since it was made using the help of ener. This was all in hope of keeping Illusao from going into further destruction. This also made the brief industrial revolution that Illusao had been experiencing become stagnant. Ironically, by destroying what had once been Illusao’s governing body, the rebels led this newly seen group to take authoritative action over Illusao. The Watchers stayed where they were to keep watch on the people and to ensure that none of the outlawed items would be used or produced. However, a black market that trades illegal weapons, ener, and machinery was formed. This black market is most prominent along the southern coast in heavily populated cities and is still going on in modern times.

The Council also decided that rather than keeping Illusao under one ruler as a single society, it should be split into regions. Seven regions were created, each based on the natural landscape of Illusao. The first six were named after the godly beasts. These are known as the Caves, the Grasses, the Peaks, the Poles, the Trees, and the Trenches. The seventh region contained the remnants of the blast that killed the Leader and was called the Wastelands. After the regions were created, the people realized that their allies were all there with them. Those people they were rioting and rebelling with already lived in these newly founded regions by their side. Some cities elected leaders of their own, while most stayed independent and did not. For a time, some people attempted to take control of entire regions, but the Watchers stopped them and kept anything like that from happening. Those who had been extremely loyal to the now-deceased Leader stayed in the outskirts of the Wastelands despite the toxicity and danger that it held. Many were upset with the Council and the Watchers even with their new ‘independence.’ They didn’t believe that the use of ener should be taken from them. For a while, people tried to get rid of the Watchers where they lived, however the Watchers held weapons and wore strong armor. They threatened anyone who stood against them, even killing them if it got to that point. Eventually people began to fear Watchers after seeing what they could do. They were on a whole new level compared to the soldiers that the Leader had sent out.

But now comes the strangest part of all of this. After the uprising occurred, seven different massive monsters appeared in the most treacherous part of each region. The exact origin of these beasts is unknown, however most people say that the Council created and set these creatures where they are. Some claimed that these are the godly beasts that legends say once created Illusao. These monsters are known as the Key Beasts, as each one has a unique key held in various parts of their bodies. After years of attempts to slay these beasts and see what these keys led to, legends started to arise. There were rumors that a hidden eighth region, referred to as the Temples, existed deep within the Poles. It was said that within this region, there was a Key Temple that needed seven keys to unlock it. From there, people came to the conclusion that the keys that were held by the Key Beasts opened the door of this Key Temple. Many have tried to get to this temple and many have tried to take the keys from the Key Beasts, however as of now, no one has succeeded. It is unknown how the rumors of the Temples and the Key Temple started, as it isn’t confirmed that anyone has actually seen such a thing. What could lie in this rumored Key Temple and why the Key Beasts exist is unknown. Many believe that the temple is full of secrets and riches. Some believe that it is where the Council hides away. Others have said that it is where the confiscated technology and ener has gone. There are even some individuals that state that it is all merely a legend and does not exist, as no one has evidence other than the existence of the Key Beasts. Everyone is waiting for the day when one person succeeds in obtaining the keys and opens this rumored temple’s doors.

A conclusion to these bizarre mysteries is waiting to be written.